Do Not Lack Power

Envy are often displayed through narcissism usually by being boastful about (non-worthy) accomplishments, name dropping (associating themselves with people who they hold in high esteem) and belittle/undermine people to appear better in comparison; this can be resolved by developing your own principles and live life to your own standards. This is where you will find

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Support Law/ Moral Law

People face trials in life, if moral law is upheld, these trials will seem like games. When a partner or friend faces a certain trial it’s up to the first person to understand the predicament or understand that they don’t understand the predicament (usually because they can’t relate to the situation because they’ve never encountered

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Pillars of Moral Law

Faith believe in the existence of god/ your creator. There is no morality without faith. Someone greater than you needs to hold you accountable of evil deeds. Faith is in the works produced. Biblical ‘approved by good deeds’. This essentially means you cant believe in a cause and not take affirmative action.  it  is not

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