How To Pay Yourself

Okay so you just got paid. 

Yaaaaayyyy. Congratulations. 

I will assume this was achieved through determination and hard/smart work. 


Your next thought will be along the lines of ‘Damn, this feels good. It needs to happen more often’. Then another may be ‘another job that will equal another pay’.

Though, you don’t want to keep exchanging your time for money. There’s just simply not enough hours in the day. 


So let’s try a simple little challenge. 

The only way to be paid multiple times is to pay the multiple selves that exist within you.

Everything is now, however, we are experiencing time.

So we need to make sure our ‘nows’ are consistently secure throughout our time. The aim is to cater to these selves so that they can in turn cater to you.

And they will.

And all with one pay check.


Past – Pay Your Child Self By Encouraging Your Imagination

You’ve been an adult for quite a while now and the magic has drifted from the world because you have now lived it all. Nothing surprises you anymore. And things are the way it is because that’s the way it is. You’ve even had to sacrifice part of your childhood and so you’ve developed a dull outlook on life.

  • Engage in the arts. View large scale portraits, sculptures, architecture. Have a wonder of the dedication of how it came to be.
  • Express your own art. Write, draw, sing, dance, perform. Whatever it may be, you won’t be wasting your time. Art sells.
  • Engage in games. And activities will help develop transferable skills to achieve goals. And it’s fun.

Present – Pay Your Current Self By Encouraging Your Ability


Identify the lifestyle you’re living. Oftentimes individuals would fantasize about the lifestyle they wish to live and somehow stress themselves to live it.

So… before we get delusional about the lifestyle we are living, do a simple self-check.

A lifestyle self check includes finance, religion, health, work and social environment and attitude. 

A core sector to identifying your lifestyle is by looking at your finances. Simply access your bank transactions online and calculate your interests and their frequency. After identifying your current lifestyle (it may be a bitter red pill to swallow) assume that you will be currently living this way, unless you seek to change.

Honesty goes a long way to avoid miscalculating  the way you are currently living.


Your calculations should include your subsistence. The costs necessary for you to continue your day to day operations. You may even begin to identify ways to minimize the money spent on necessities without compromising on quality. Now that you know how much you cost (needs and wants), now you can start to spend on yourself, with intention and confidence. 

Now that you know yourself, somewhat, it’s time to level up!


Current-Self Payments

The self check can be used to recognize how you can cater to your current self. Include the cost of your child self and your future self. Your current self may spend its pay on career and personal development, travel or seeking adventure, physical and mental fitness, romantic and social relationships etc.


Future – Pay Your Elder Self By Encouraging Sustainability

I don’t want to be the one to say it but this should be the easiest one to cater to.

Simply take notice of the elders in your surroundings and the issues they face. We all know being old is cool and we yearn for the freedom to explore further and fearlessly, primarily because of the gift of age. However, you have to prepare for it, your worst case scenarios may just come true. 

After identifying your current lifestyle and assuming you will be like that for a period of time, now what if you were unable to do anything. Whatever the cause; stricken with grief, fallen ill or injured and unable to earn, life crippling illness and unable to travel etc. how will you continue to sustain yourself throughout time.


Elder-Self Payment

As you age you will also deteriorate, you will lose the physical and mental ability to be provider, protector and principal. Don’t be discouraged, another quick self check is enough to ensure you can continue your life securely. Your elder self investment includes; health and nutrition, family support and community interaction, residual income.

To foresee how your future self sustains adversity look into how you are catering to each of the above.


You can check your current health status and nutrition consumption against the population and see what the future may hold for you. You may consider a change of diet or exercise (or a change of country) regime in an attempt to lengthen your lifespan. Identify how you currently support your family and community and be fulfilled by your deeds as this investment may carry huge risks.

Have you found a way for your money to make money? Well, you might want to start searching because you are going to need it for later.


Your immediate pay for investment is fulfilment. This nurtures purpose.

The residual pay is appreciation. This nurtures money.

It pays to be kind, now and in time.


Start paying into these selves and you’ll be rich in no time.




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