Pillars of Moral Law


believe in the existence of god/ your creator. There is no morality without faith. Someone greater than you needs to hold you accountable of evil deeds. Faith is in the works produced. Biblical ‘approved by good deeds’. This essentially means you cant believe in a cause and not take affirmative action.  it  is not enough to mentally agree about the facts of god and it does not lead one to act accordingly. That faith must be considered fake. 

Hope – believe for better. For yourself and others. If one is without hope, especially for himself, then they are subject to doing everything including unrighteous activities even to the detriment of himself to have gains. This person is without morals.


Love is supreme. Love gives life. It is the fruit of energy. Love makes the heart light. Have love. Have ascension. Have morals.


You are the offspring of the Most High. You deserve respect and it should be given accordingly. You are the offspring of the Most High. You have power. Don’t exhaust it. Be humble. You are the offspring of the Most High. Keep your body, mind and spirit sanctified. Do not defile them with toxic energy or products such as drugs (some marketed as foods) or any foreign (unnatural) substance.


No man can live alone. If one chose to do so they must respect others rights and abide by the law of the land. When one has a friend, they must;

-love and care for the friend life and well being as they would for themself

-uphold their dignity, rights and freedom

-be clear and truthful

Why abide?

Lack of morality results in poverty. Poverty in its material state is a manifestation of the poverty in its mental state. If material and vanity are the primary contributors towards your happiness then you’re in moral poverty. This is because humanity likes consistency. Just like the sun and other natural objects, humans rely on consistency to enable efficiency. Material and vanity are not consistent enough to create reliability. Materialised poverty is a social evil and can be alleviated through social efforts. A prosperous community can be attained through the practice of morals.

It is important for man/club/community/country to have morals as a babylonian behaviour or system (one which accepts sinful behaviour in its laws) will lack efficiency.


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