My Story

‘I am grounded. I am secure. I am natural.
I am comfortable with myself.

We are ItalBunny

I’ve just realized I’m on a journey. Mad wild right. I know,  I’m a bit late but I was asleep. But I’m waking up now. I’m a lil bit drowsy from my slumber. And I think I know where I’m going but don’t at the same time. I’m trying to figure it out but I know I can’t stay here in one place while I figure it out. I’ll grow old here… and then I’ll die here. Learning nothing more than what’s around me. I know I need to see more.. to interact with more.. to learn more… to strengthen my sense of direction. 

So I’ll keep moving and working until I find out where I am… or which direction I came from so I can know which direction I’m going. It was advice I got from an elder. He’s figured out the elixir of life and guarantees it for anybody who puts the work in. “By applying simple groundwork similar to Karate Kid’s ‘wax on, wax off’ ideology, you will form your elixir.”

I marked that experience as a rebirth, since then I’ve become a new being. The same. But new and better. It happens every time I try to figure it out. So far the movement and the work have proven to help me decipher this environment.

I mention all that to say that I see that you might be similar and I welcome you, so we can learn together.

Maybe you’ve woken up earlier or you’re still hitting the snooze… I understand you’ve got a lot of stuff to do. Even a lot more things you’d rather do. But guess what. 

Me too. 

But we will cross paths every now and then and when we do we will commune. I will tell you what I’ve learnt since the last time I saw you and you will do the same. I will help where I can if you require and you can do the same. If you can’t get to help me, help another in my name. At the end of the commune we wish each other well and return to investing in our individual family structure.

Let’s live the simple life. The way of the wise elder.


I’ve created a platform so you can know how I can be of help.

It hopes to produce and publish materials and products that are in accordance with holistic health and well being through the likes of the greatest asset known; knowledge.

Our aim is to further enlighten and cater for the spiritual community and truth seekers.

I only hope to broaden minds whilst expanding my own, develop new perspectives and try my best to show what I see. 

I encourage debate, conversation, respectful disagreement. Let’s find truth while meeting evil but live simply.

See you in the future.


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