7 Deadly Sins And How To Use Them Wrath

Son of the Demon King. Successor to the throne of the Demon Clan. Most feared by the Arch-Angels of the Goddess Clan. Employee of the year, every year. Meliodas captained a team of elite demons known as the Ten Commandments with each member granted a special ability. After falling in love with a goddess, Meliodas decides to abandon his leadership of the Ten Commandments and the Demon Clan. But was viewed as a traitor as this created a power imbalance between the rival clans, which the Goddess Clan took advantage of. Meliodas’ exit sparked The Holy War. Meliodas also helped the Goddess Clan seal away his powerful ex-teammates, the Ten Commandments, so he can live undisturbed. 

Meliodas adapts a calm and carefree personality because if he allows himself to be angered he will be more destructive than he intends. He got branded the Dragon Sin of Wrath after accidentally wiping a city off the map with his impulsive rage when his lover was killed by an escaped Ten Commandment. Meliodas and Merlin soon formed the Seven Deadly Sins after the king’s omen warned of the Ten Commandments upcoming release. 

Meliodas was hated and hunted by his own clan for his actions of what he believed was right; love. But those same actions led to him being welcomed and appreciated elsewhere.


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