7 Deadly Sins And How To Use Them Envy

Diane from the Giant Clan, is the largest of the group. Her clan, being mercenaries, are used for fighting in the Human Clan battles. She was born and should live to battle and take great honour in dying doing so. Diane felt otherwise and overtime isolated herself from the clan, despite being told by a friend that she will not be accepted by anyone outside the tribe. She at times used her special ability to create rock creatures to avoid loneliness. 

After interacting with the humans and seeing marriage, love and compassion, she knew this is how she wanted to be treated. She’d spotted the green grass on the other side and longed to be of human-size so she could be welcomed. Diane was mistakenly branded the Serpent Sin of Envy after being accused that her sin caused the death of her Godmother, a kingdom mercenary by poison, whilst injuring over 300 soldiers of the nation. 


Diane, a born fighter, once a paid mercenary and thought to be envious of human relationships is now married, has friends and fights in the belief of honour and love after finding her tribe outside her tribe.


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