Your Sins and What To Expect From Them

Sins are considered the hellish way to live. Or put more nicely uncontrollable versions of emotions. Acting on any of these sins (pride, wrath, lust, envy, greed, gluttony and sloth) scrambles the mnemonic device within our brain and results in our thoughts being unclear, disordered and unconnected which leads to destruction of self. 

But we knew that, right? 

But just before destruction of self occurs, as if that wasn’t bad enough, there are consequences to be paid. Let’s have a quick look at how we can live in hell.

It might be to your liking.

Greed. The excessive desire towards material possessions. This boils the blood. The more this desire is nurtured, the higher the temperature rises. Ever been boiled alive? Be greedy and you’ll see.

Envy is the wanting of someone else’s property. And it’s not always physical such as house, car, phone etc, but also personality and traits, like humour, behaviour, voice tone. It could be anything, even metaphysical. Hmm… wonder what that would look like? Envy makes the bone rot as the feeling of covetousness is similar to taking the ice bucket challenge every minute of everyday. Forever.

Wrath is uncontrollable hatred, rage and anger. The consequence of wrath is ‘eternal hell’. This sin will constantly keep a person enraged yet at the same time burned out, subsequently going through a process from being productive to counterproductive – a living dead. 

Eating more than your fill and throwing away the rest? Not a glutton. How many times do you do this? Well, now you may be a glutton. Check your consumption and the frequency and maybe you might just miss out on gluttony’s punishment; being force fed the least wanted things; pests – rats, spiders and toads. 

Introducing… No desire. No will. The action that requires no action. Sloth. Truly a special one. Living in inactivity (try saying that three times fast) will set a person back a personal pit of snakes. You can’t be chilling in a pit of snakes? Or maybe you can 

Lust is the desire for power. And the avenues to power. Wanting to be wanted and have easy access to enjoying the pleasures of the flesh and money. Consequence of being lustful is to be showered in fire and brimstone as opposed to hugs and kisses.

Pride, the deadliest of the sins. With pride the ego comes first and this selfishness can lead to all the other sins being acted on. The only way to defeat pride is not to be pride in the first place. Even Lucifer, well-known from christian mythology, is spoken of as not the most ruthless demon but it was his pride that made him the devil, his obsessive need to be above the very being that created him.

The punishment of pride is living a continuous death. Witnessed by all. 

You know what they say, ‘the life you live is either heaven or hell’, so how are you feeling?


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