7 Deadly Sins And How To Use Them Greed

Ban had an unfortunate tale of being malnourished and physically abused by his parents. He even saw his younger sister die of starvation. After escaping from prison for stealing, he found a mentor. He thought he might as well know how to steal without getting caught and if caught, know how to escape. This person became a father figure to him, a person showing Ban how to navigate life while being fed and having safe sleeps. 

Ban’s independent and clever nature along with his actions got him mistakenly branded the Fox’s Sin of Greed when he attempted to steal from the Fountain of Youth to gain immortality. Though he didn’t go through with the theft, he attracted a demon towards the protected fairy haven. In order to defeat the demon, Ban from the Human Clan, had to gain immortality which required him to drink from the Fountain of Youth anyway which temporarily cost him his love life. 

Now with immortality running through his veins, Ban continuously gives of himself, his blood that is, to help replenish the Fairy Clan in the memory of his love. He also made use of this to put himself between danger and his team, including travelling through the harsh conditions of Purgatory to retrieve his friend.


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