7 Deadly Sins And How To Use Them Sloth

Fairy King Harlequin is the king and guardian of the Fairy Clan and protector of the Fairy Forest that hosts the Fountain of Youth. He is known for his long sleeps and seen to be always floating on a magic giant pillow which can transform to whatever he wishes (ideal for battle). Hmm.. Or maybe it’s something else that he chooses to transform into a pillow? After a couple hundred years of standing guard, Harlequin eventually left the forest so he and his friends could explore the Human Clan, leaving his sister in charge. 

It was on this adventure that his group got attacked, with some being killed by humans who cut off fairy wings because of their value in the Human Clan. During the ordeal, Harlequin lost his memory and woke up to be rescued by a young Diane. Harlequin had a mistrust of humans, but after meeting Diane who was fascinated by them and saw more good nature in their behaviour than the cruel ones that he’d experienced, Harlequin opened up to the experience. 

Overtime, he regained his memory and set off to see where his travel friends were. But all were dead, except one, his best friend, who has been killing humans since he’s been attacked. The Fairy King Harlequin became the Bear Sin of Sloth because of his lack of attention to his duties and slow to discipline a fellow fairy, responsible for the slaughter of humans for 500 years.

He attempted to kill Ban a few times, blaming him for the destruction of the Fairy Forest and his sister’s death before realising that he should be thanking him for his efforts in rebuilding the kingdom. Harlequin was to share blame as it was his tardiness as to why it happened in the first place. 

After seeing the destruction his behaviour can bring, Fairy King Harlequin has come to terms of his sloth-like nature towards his duties and now surpasses that by serving to protect both his own Fairy Clan and the Human Clan.


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