How To Get To Purpose – The Roles And Responsibility Of Self

“A Nation can rise no higher than its Woman”


Akil draws attention to how important it is to recognise your responsibilities and not to act superficially in ego in her book “’12 Lessons” To Restore The Image, The Character, & The Responsibility Of The Goddess Blackwoman Mother Of Civilization’.


A woman is the first teacher a new being has in its new world. Rest assured, that if the teacher is not enlightened the rest of her broad will be similar. She is Teacher.  


The first teacher. The first and lasting impression upon an individual.


Wouldn’t you want your first teacher to be awesome? 


The only way to be awesome is to act on your purpose. Purpose though is up to the individual to recognise and start to take steps in said direction. 


Fortunately you’re reading the right article to guide you to finding your purpose and how to be an awesome teacher. 


In order to identify purpose, an individual first needs to identify self. 


Here we go.


Hopefully you’ve manifested as a male or female… (If you haven’t, you can click here) …This is the polarity of the physical world and within each opposite is everything and their spectrum. Such is the same for all things seen like plants, animals and even technology has gender/sex. 


Everything brought to existence is for a reason; to benefit the eco-system and enhance its survival.


Each being and thing manifested has its role already assigned and at the core of it is to serve and preserve its environment.


A simple way to identify self is to look in the mirror.


Once your manifestation is identified, we can look at some of the roles associated.

If you’ve manifested to be male you may be in any one of these roles; son, father, grandfather, brother, friend. Though you will have to assume the role of Man by a certain age. If you’ve manifested to be female you may be in any one of these roles; daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, friend. And eventually assume the role of Woman. 


The responsibilities of a son or daughter are home maintenance, law maintenance, studying and asking permission.


A child must be taught how to maintain their home. Regardless of gender a child must have an idea of the upkeeps of his home. They would usually be aware of the labour intensive tasks before contemplating the financial aspects of home maintenance. This is primarily to help the parents’ workload as they focus on other matters. These are chores and would include the likes of washing and folding laundry, vacuuming, dishwashing, keeping room and play area tidy when not in use etc. 


Every word a parent speaks is law unto a child and they expect everyone to abide by it even strangers and especially the parents themselves that spoke these laws. A child will in turn recall those laws unto their parents sometimes not to the parent likening. But it’s a child’s duty to do so. 


Another responsibility of the child is to study. Practise the art of learning and utilising what was learnt. 


The key to opening the universe for anyone is called respect. The most common practice of respect for a child is to have manners.


Manners is the way your behaviour is viewed by others. A few would include saying please and thank you, sharing and covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing. Asking permission or letting you location known is a stand out feature as a child’s responsibility as they so often need reminding that parents are responsible for their child’s safety and location at all times. 


A father’s responsibility is to provide the necessities of survival and maintenance, protection against the vile side of nature and construct and to teach accountability and in turn discipline.


With good accountability a man will be able to produce work of any means and nature with the sound knowledge that his operation and actions are his responsibility and is transparent for others to observe and evaluate. 


Accountability is the perfect insurance for anyone to carry on their duties without being hindered.


Go get yourself some accountability.


Due to being the most impacted member of the family by the outside world, a father should also take time to impart his findings and wisdom to those not so privileged to his experiences. 


A mother is the model for the child to emulate. Whatever the mother is, the child is most likely to become. Whatever the mother can do the child should also be able to do and eventually surpass. 


A mother has the potential to be every profession in the world and the teacher of these professions to her child. Albeit, doctor, having to nurse wounds and illnesses, lawyer, to defend your child ignorance or highlighting ignorance in another, an accountant to budget the wants needs of the home, chef, detective, etc. 


Additionally to all these professions and more not mentioned a mother has to factor in play time. Similar to how a father makes it his duty to teach accountability, a mother has a duty to be an entertainer for the child – teaching happiness. 


A mother’s goal is to raise a happy child as this is what they know to ensure survival physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.



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