How To Become A Business

Was it just me or did you despise business too?


I can’t help but recall times when I looked upon businesses like it was a bad thing. I grew to understand that I was only living in the underbelly of these ‘beasts’ and was therefore feeling the effects of being dragged continuously against the ground with no hope of reprieve. 


They don’t care about the people. About the environment. About the ripple effects.


I now somehow see… otherwise.

I mean, a lot still don’t care. Buuuttt…..


Businesses make the world a better place. Only the best and formidable stands a chance to continue its service and the more businesses contribute to social responsibilities the greater they will be. 


You too are a business. Or you should be. 

But one thing for sure you are 3 minutes away from becoming one.


How To Become A Business


A business is an entity that trades goods and/or services for profit.


Most businesses act on the simple provision of goods and services which plays a convenient role in our daily operations. You will also come to provide convenience, however, you will focus on why you are going to the marketplace. 


  • Examine your actions

This will identify behaviours which stem from habits. After recognising habits and reflecting on where they come from then adjust your attitude. Similar to a degree change on a plane’s trajectory.


  • Examine your motivation

Your motivation stems from what you tell yourself. The popular motivations are achievement, power, affiliation, security and adventure. Maybe you desire one of the lot or all of the above, regardless, set goals. Itemize your desire, what it may cost you step by step to attain it and how long it will take to get there.


  • Examine your fuel

Fuel sustains an entity’s survival. As fuel depletes so do the chances of survival. So it makes sense the most ideal fuel is best sought from an overflowing resource. You need to be an alchemist. One that knows the formula to making their life sustainable. A way to find out what fuels you is to gradually live with fewer and fewer wants. Stripping away your wants will highlight to you what’s really needed to move from A to B and even lighten your load thus making it easier for you to get to your goals.


To help find why it aims to continuously look beyond. You may start with yourself but that may be to recognise what you can do or how yourself is identified by you and others. You may then reflect on your closest relationships; family, relatives, friends. That, though, may be to show you what people like and how they utilize products and services. You may start to look at the world but that’s to notice how big a ‘dojo and its equipment’ you have available to practice your techniques in.


After first knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing, you will refrain from doing certain actions which will in time diminish the habit formed for behaviours that don’t align. New, better habits will take its place that aligns with your why.


After which you will need to bring your product or service to the consumer safely and conveniently. Safety is to ensure no harm caused in the use and process of product/service to consumers and convenience is making your product/service easy to get to and easy to use. 


And above all things is the practice of dynamic housekeeping. This is the ‘cleaning up as you go along’. No one is perfect and no one is expecting you to be. But social responsibility is a value that is lacked in most businesses. Your work should be transparent for others to see and criticize. 


Though, what they will witness is the approach in how you handle your duties and how you compensate for the mishaps. 


A good business like a good person is identified based on how it treats its support systems. And still make a profit.


Be a good business.



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