How To Invest In The World for Self

Up until about our mid 20s (the age human beings reach full mental maturity) we have been zombified, just doing what we like or think we like. Then comes self awareness, recognising our consciousness and now aim to make use of it to benefit self. After which we begin to formulate a ‘mind compass’ and add a bit more direction in our lives. We take charge by doubling down and  nurturing the skills we have acquired during our zombified state. You may have developed some cooking skills. If you enjoy this you may become a chef, using your skill to give you earnings. You may see a viable career through this and may decide to enhance the skill through further studies, research and experiments. 

If by all means you don’t have any skills or you don’t like the ones you’ve been equipped with, explore some. You can invest in self by reading, attending workshops or watching other skills in motion for inspiration.


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