7 Deadly Sins And How To Use Them Pride

At a young age Escanor was granted the gift of The Sun, an ability once held by one of the four Arch-Angels, but now in his possession as a grace when the Angel responsible for the ability disappeared. Escanor saw the gift as a curse as he had no way of controlling the power. This led to a false belief of pride, knowing the origin of the power and being unbeatable against any force. But only during the day. Escanor, from the Human Clan, fluctuates from being the weakest to the strongest at different times of the day. This is because of his special ability, The Sun. At night he takes the form of a 5” 5′, feeble, clumsy man, which makes him the weakest of the group. During the day he becomes increasingly confident, stands above 10’’, obnoxious and holds the power of the sun in his fingertip, with his full power peaking at the same time as the sun peaks, noon. At this time of the day he is known as ‘The One’ for the same duration the sun stays peaked, one minute. 

Escanor does try not to engage in battle because he is sure of his might and would rather not cause any unnecessary damage to people. He proves he carries no hate in his heart. But that’s because he genuinely doesn’t care for your life, just do not interfere in his. He not only sees himself to be better than everyone else but like the actual Sun itself that stands above all life with everything else on land and in sea being below him. 

Escanor was branded the Lion’s Sin of Pride after destroying a few towns and injuring its people. Though it was all accidentally, he showed no remorse for the damage done and no respect towards the King during his sentencing.

The power of the sun burns away at his lifespan every time he makes use of its might, his pride begins to shed over time as he realises he is not the divine being he thought he was and greater power than his exists. He was reminded that while he was young someone cared and sheltered him while in hiding, his life did not belong to him but to pass on the will to live to someone else. 

Escanor overcame his pride as he acknowledged the divine being that graced him with the power and asked that his friends still be protected by the energy even when his time has ended.


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